Clark Farm has been in the Hobart/Clark family since 1728.  It is classified as one of America’s Founding Farms.  Bill Clark has been living and/or farming on Clark Farm his whole life.  Even when teaching full time, Bill continued to keep the farming tradition alive.  Now retired, he has devoted himself to growing quality crops free of herbicides and pesticides.  The farm’s own composting operation supplies the farm, in addition to area landscapers and homeowners, with a nutrient rich soil additive.  Horticultural/greenhouse flowers have become the #1 seller at the farm with spring being the busiest season.  Mulch in a variety of colors is another springtime staple.  Fall brings pumpkins, straw, cornstalks, gourds, winter squash, cider, and other seasonal necessities.  Don’t forget to visit us at Christmas for all your decorating needs, such as, roping, wreaths of many sizes, trees, greens, etc.  Santa also makes an appearance.  We also do custom decorating and installation. 

Clark Farm
163 Hobart Street
Danvers, MA  01923
(978) 774-0550